Equipment Financing Options

Increase Production Capacity & Monthly Cash Flow

Why Would A Business Want To Lease Its Equipment?

Here's why... most every business needs some type equipment to operate their business, and the purchase of either new or used equipment is probably the biggest capital investment any new or growing company will make. This equipment may cost tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars to fully equip the business’ operational needs, so unless they have a lot of cash to spend, they need to finance these purchases.

Equipment financing and leasing is a terrific solution. Equipment financing is a smart economical way for businesses of any size to acquire equipment without making a large cash investment,

Every business is unique with different needs. For example, one company may need to acquire new (or used) equipment, while others may refinance their debts on their existing equipment to lower their monthly payment, and others may have a lot of equipment which can be leveraged to increase the business’ balance sheet equity.

Therefore, there’s no one answer for every growing business, and that’s why it’s so important to fully evaluate the company’s overall financial condition by having a comprehensive financial evaluation before making a decision about what course to take in moving the business forward to the next level of success.


Finance any new or used equipment that you need for your business

Any and ALL Equipment, in ALL Industries

  • Medical / Surgical Equipment

  • Construction Equipment

  • Manufacturing Equipment

  • Delivery Trucks And Trailers

  • Printing and Textile

  • Machine Tools

  • Restaurant & Food Prep / Processing

  • Furniture & Office Equipment

  • IT Computer & Networking Systems

Fast, simple and hassle-free process

Equipment financing in amounts from $25,000 to $10 million.

Up to 100% financing on new and used equipment, or up to 100% of appraised value on refinances and sale-leasebacks.


Fixed Interest Rates as Low as 4.75%*

*Subject to credit approval.

Credit FICO Scores as low as 600

Higher rates for those w/  less-than- perfect-credit

New business and start-ups qualify too


Payment loan terms from 30 days to 72 months (6-years). BBB offers flexible loan terms from three to seven years, with monthly, seasonal, and deferred payments plans available, depending upon your need. What’s best for your business? Do you need traditional equal monthly payments, seasonally adjusted to match your cash flows or tiered payments tied to equipment value/contract terms.

BBB offers several end-of-term options, from full payouts (known as a $1 buy-out), to ten percent (10%), twenty percent (20%), as well as what’s known as the fair market value purchase option, which effectively lower your monthly payments.


BBB can also finance the installation costs associated with your equipment purchase. We also know that businesses rarely use a single equipment vendor for their equipment needs, so funding multiple vendors on the same deal is no problem. Furthermore, BBB also provides additional working capital to manage operations.



Section 179 of the IRS tax code allows businesses to deduct the full purchase price of equipment purchased or financed during the tax year. That means that if you buy (or finance) a piece of equipment, you can deduct the FULL PURCHASE PRICE from your gross income. Be sure to talk to your accountant for full details.

Equipment Financing as Low as 4.75%*

*Subject to credit approval.

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SBA Loans/Grants For Small Business

Congress just passed a $4.5 Billion Dollar Relief Package for Small Businesses, but this money will  go fast, so YOU HAVE TO ACT NOW TO GET IT... 

Money for the original Payroll Protection Plan (PPP) ran-out quickly, and now many banks and lenders have stopped taking applications, but BBB is accepting New Applications, which will be assigned to the SBA for this next round of relief funding.

This way, you'll get funding faster. That's because you signed-up sooner, and this money is available on a FIRST-COME FIRST-SERVE BASIS, so you'll be nearer to the front-of-the-line when the new relief money is distributed   

The SBA has both GRANTS & LOANS for Small Business owners. Loan Interest Rates are less than 1% interest and Grants never need to be repaid.

These special GRANTS provide an "emergency advance" of up to $10,000 to small businesses and private non-profits harmed by COVID-19 .

The advance does not need to be repaid under any circumstance, and may be used for business purposes, such as payroll or paying sick leave, or paying business obligations, like debts, rent and mortgage payments. (See p. 28, Section 1110(e)(5) of H.R. 748 (CARES Act))


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