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Get the honest answers & quick results you're looking for with BBB Commercial Financing. You can trust and believe in BBB as your financing firm because they work by a strict Code of Ethics.

Whatever Your Business' Financial Needs . . . BBB Has You Covered. WORKING CAPITAL from $30,000 to $500,000, or perhaps a $5,000,000 Debt Consolidation Loan

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Who Is BBB Commercial Financing?

Expert Commercial & Business Financing Consultants

BBB Commercial Financing is a full service private commercial lender located in New York City, New York.

BBB utilizes it’s vast network of international and domestic capital partners in providing business or CRE financing.  BBB has solid teams of loan professionals and other financial, legal, accounting and research support people who work diligently to get your company’s funding finalized.

BBB Commercial Financing is a seasoned industry leader with a solid reputation as a company you can count on for honest answers & quick results. Our experienced financial experts work hard to provide our clients customized financial solutions; more than meeting their unique cash flow needs.  

BBB Commercial Financing utilizes proprietary research & analytic systems with a multitude of financial metrics and hedging strategies to maximize and support their combination debt/equity lending process.  BBB is committed to provide the most straight-forward, personal, and customized financing solutions to businesses in need of prompt affordable funding. 

Why Choose BBB Commercial Financing?

Business mentors are key—that’s why when it comes to client selection, we’re choosy. That's because we want to give our clients the time and guidance you deserve, and make your business more profitable.

When it comes to your long-term business success, you should be choosy too. 

Choosing BBB is a good business decision!

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Your Strategic Partner

BBB has the knowledge and experience to meet and exceed your expectations, offering a variety of customized financing programs to fit your company's specific needs. 

What does your business need TODAY to grow & prosper?

We lend money to businesses for any make-sense reason...

Take Advantage of BBB's Expertise . . . Act Today!

Low, Low Rates w/ Excellent Terms 

Improving Your Business' Cash Flow

Enabling Better Operations & Profitability

Commercial Real Estate Financing

Property Acquisition  & Refinancing Remodeling / Construction Loans

SBA and Conventional Financing Programs

Up to 90% Loan-to-Value (LTV) Financing

The Number One Function of the SBA is to Guarantee Loan Programs,  providing Longer Repayment Periods to Small Businesses with Marginal Credit. 

The Small Business Administration (SBA) offers business financing, low cost business line-of-credit for most business needs, including new business start-ups, franchise start-up, business acquisitions, debt consolidation, equipment leasing, accounts receivable financing, invoice factoring, and business capital “Lines-of-Credit” loans intended for business expansion or other approved commercial purposes. 

Merchant Processing Services

24/7/365 Live US Based In-House Support

  • FREE Equipment Placement (POS Tablets / Wireless)

  • Next-Day Funding  

  • No Contract or Commitment

  • All-in-One Terminals w/ Keypad & Printer

  • Same Day Approvals / Fast & Easy Setup

  • We Pay Your Cancellation Fees (if required)

  • Super-Competitive Low, Low Rates

$500 CASH PAID-TO-YOU . . .



SBA Loans/Grants For Small Business

Congress just passed a $4.5 Billion Dollar Relief Package for Small Businesses, but this money will  go fast, so YOU HAVE TO ACT NOW TO GET IT... 

Money for the original Payroll Protection Plan (PPP) ran-out quickly, and now many banks and lenders have stopped taking applications, but BBB is accepting New Applications, which will be assigned to the SBA for this next round of relief funding.

This way, you'll get funding faster. That's because you signed-up sooner, and this money is available on a FIRST-COME FIRST-SERVE BASIS, so you'll be nearer to the front-of-the-line when the new relief money is distributed   

The SBA has both GRANTS & LOANS for Small Business owners. Loan Interest Rates are less than 1% interest and Grants never need to be repaid.

These special GRANTS provide an "emergency advance" of up to $10,000 to small businesses and private non-profits harmed by COVID-19 .

The advance does not need to be repaid under any circumstance, and may be used for business purposes, such as payroll or paying sick leave, or paying business obligations, like debts, rent and mortgage payments. (See p. 28, Section 1110(e)(5) of H.R. 748 (CARES Act))


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